Key remarks of the Director General of NIS at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

“Cameroon, on behalf of the Africa group, commends the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific for its report on statistical development in Asia and Pacific. The Africa group acknowledges the progress made by the Asia and the Pacific region against their collective vision and framework for action; the Declaration on Navigating Policy with Data to Leave No One Behind, and the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade amidst local and global challenges facing national statistical systems (NSS) and the key initiatives undertaken aimed at overcoming these challenges and further strengthening the spirit and value of working together among its regional and global partners.

  1. The Africa Group recognizes and fully supports ESCAP’s good practices initiatives on facilitating global sharing of good practice; having coordinated, targeted and fit-for-purpose assistance to countries; promote added inclusiveness in the involvement of countries when testing statistical guidance and methodologies, and adopt more inclusive modalities for collaboration to facilitate enhanced engagement from all regions of the world. The Africa Group lobbies behind ESCAP in its continuing efforts to create spaces and opportunities for collaboration whether thru technical, expert groups, or communities of practice to facilitate global sharing of best practices and enhance inclusiveness in testing statistical guidance and methodologies are well noted and appreciated by the Group. Likewise, the Group will continue to collaborate with ESCAP, regional and global partners in adopting and contributing to such initiatives”.
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