Guideline Manual for the Management and Dissemination of Data, Microdata and Metadata in Cameroon, Volume 03

These guidelines are intended to enable the NSIS structures to disseminate the various statistical products effectively. This dissemination concerns not only statistical information (data) with its metadata, but also microdata to make wider use possible. The aim is to ensure that all users have easy and equitable access to data in a timely manner, in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nationsʼ FPOS, taken up by the African Charter on Statistics, and the guidance contained in the national policy on communication and dissemination of statistical information in Cameroon.
The statistical production process already adopted in previous manuals includes a dissemination stage, which is part of the overall production process. This manual addresses the specific issue of dissemination in all its aspects, taking into account the products already available, and emphasizing the relationships that should exist between producers and users to ensure easy access, efficient and correct use of data.
Moreover, the manual sets out the principles, procedures and practices for the dissemination of microdata, data and metadata. It is not a methodological document that develops the technical tools for the dissemination of these different data attributes.

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