Workshop : NIS officials appropriate the new performance instruments

The work took place in the conference room of the statistical production institution on January 21, 2021 in Yaounde.

The context of the health crisis that Cameroon is going through is not really helping the production of statistics. According to the Director General of the     NIS, several statistical operations have been suspended due to COVID-19. In his opening remarks, he reiterated the Head of State’s instructions regarding the strict application of barrier measures, not without noting the damage this pandemic has caused to the National Statistical System. However, despite adversity, you need to be resilient. This is the reason why this workshop was organized so that the heads of the Institute appropriate the different tools of performance management. The first instrument presented is the new statistical law promulgated on July 20, 2020. The exposé presented by Mr. ABANDA Ambroise, Head of the Statistical Coordination Division, provided an understanding of the context and the challenges of this new law. Indeed, it was necessary, on the one hand, to bring the law into line with international standards, in particular the African Charter on Statistics adopted in 2009 by the African Union (Membership law signed in April 2016), as well as the Fundamental Principles of the Official Statistics contained in the resolution of the United Nations Statistical Commission of April 1994. On the other hand, it was important to take into account in the formulation of that law, the institutional environment which has been enriched by several structures in particular, the BUCREP, BUNEC, etc. This law specifies that statistical production is carried out within the framework of the programs defined in the National Statistics Development Strategy document. The third generation of the said 2030 Strategy is under development. The annual performance plan for fiscal year 2021, as well as the finance law and its implementing circular for the same period were discussed in plenary. One of the strong recommendations of the work was the implementation of the financial and accounting procedures that were enacted within the framework of the various projects and programs of the managers.

At the end of the technical work, the Directorate General of the NIS  paid tribute to those of its staff members admitted to retirement.