Economic and Financial Data Bank, Fifth Edition

Key figures

Financial situation of 34,605 ​​companies consolidated by branch of activity and by legal form.

365,452 permanent employees in these companies as of December 31, 2017, including 362,849 Cameroonians, 219 citizens of other CEMAC countries, 248 citizens of other OHADA countries and 2,136 citizens of non-OHADA countries. 255,643 laborers, workers and apprentices; 71,448 technicians, supervisors and skilled workers; 25,179 senior technicians and middle managers and 13,182 senior managers.

23,042 billion FCFA of net balance sheet total, following a depreciation of 13,306 billion FCFA as of December 31, 2017. 3,274 billion FCFA of equity against 4,561 billion FCFA of medium or long-term debt and 15,183 billion CFA francs in short-term debt.

13,560 billion FCFA in total expenses for a total income of 13,509 billion, resulting in a net loss of (-) 50 billion FCFA in 2017 12,029 billion FCFA in total turnover, for a value of added to the factor cost of CFAF 2,266 billion and a gross operating surplus of CFAF 981 billion in 2017.

1,957 billion CFA francs of investment expenditure in 2017 on the part of 22,685 companies.

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