Modern business register and demography : ANNUAL REPORT 2020

Structural information in 2020

modern enterprises listed with 16,134 (43.2%) based in Douala and 14,814 (39.3%) based in Yaounde;

56.6% of economic units
were sole proprietorships;

Enterprises with
over three (3) billion CFA francs of turnover accounted for 0.1% of overall enterprises listed and held 50.2% of
global turnover;

The primary sector
accounted for 1.0% of enterprises, employed 10.3% of the workforce and generated 3.2% of the global turnover;

permanent workers in modern enterprises in 2020;

The secondary sector
accounted for 8.3% of enterprises, employed 28.7% of the workforce and generated 33.7% of the global turnover;

Enterprises with
over 100 employees accounted for 1.0% of overall enterprises, but employed 57.3% of permanent workers;

The tertiary sector
accounted for 90.3% of enterprises, employed 61.0% of the workforce and generated 63.1% of the global turnover.

Modern enterprises generated 12,885
billion CFA francs of turnover in 2020.

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