Public Expenditure Tracking Survey in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Water-Hygiene- Sanitation and Education : Health component

According to the health system diagnosis established in the 2016-2027 SSS, the major problem of the health sector is its “low capacity to meet the social and health needs of populations and to contribute to the development of healthy and productive human capital”. Faced with the weakness of its six pillars (leadership and governance1; human resources; provision of services and care; infrastructure; drugs and health technologies; funding and health information system), the current health system does not enable adequate prevention of events that negatively affect health. It fails to effectively promote the health of populations and properly manage cases. In practice, the health system’s low capacity to effectively respond to the well-being needs of the population translates into unsatisfactory health indicators, including high mortality, increased health expenditure and a decrease in the work force. This overall diagnosis is summarised in schematic form in the image below.

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