The Regional Offices of the NIS, located in the ten regions of Cameroon, produce on an annual basis, a regional statistical yearbook. The main objective of this book is to bring together all the statistical productions of sectoral administrations, regional and local authorities, parapublic and private companies in the region in a single document. It provides disaggregated indicators at municipal level in various fields in order to inform users in their strategic choices. This approach is part of the general framework of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) whose major objective is to provide Cameroon with an effective National Statistical Information System (NISS) to meet the needs of the user community. The NSDS is coordinated by the National Institute of Statistics at the national level and by the Regional Offices of the NIS at the regional level.
The data were collected from the various structures with a guide and supplemented by the scrutiny of any other official document available. A clearance was subsequently conducted to ensure the quality of the information. Data were also collected from large national surveys disaggregated at the local level where possible.
The regional statistical yearbook of the Littoral is comprised of 23 chapters with 03 main parts: Territory and Climatology; Population and Social Affairs; Economic activities. The first part situates the region in its physical context and describes its institutional, administrative and political organization. The second part highlights information on sociodemographic characteristics. Finally, the third part reports on the situation of the economy in all areas. The National Institute of Statistics thanks the various structures that regularly contribute to the realization of this document by providing the information. Through this collaboration, they participate in the animation of the Regional Statistical Information System (SRIS) as actors at the regional level. The NIS is open to any comments and suggestions aimed at improving subsequent editions.

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