The Littoral in figures

The National Institute of Statistics, through its Regional Littoral Office, is pleased to present the first publication of the “Littoral in figures“, 2022 edition. The “Littoral in figures” briefly presents the region and is now part of the publications of the Regional Office, alongside the regional statistical yearbook. This approach is part of the general framework of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) whose major objective is to provide Cameroon, including the region, with an effective Regional Statistical Information System (RSIS) to meet the needs of the user community. The 2022 edition of the “Littoral in figures” benefited from the contribution of all the administrations producing statistical information at the regional level. This collection of statistical information is structured around the four pillars of the National Development Strategy 20202030 (NDS30). It is comprised of 15 chapters with 05 main parts: general information, structural transformation of the economy, development of human capital and welfare, promotion of employment and social inclusion, and governance, decentralization and strategic management of the State. This document makes available to readers the data in the form of tables, figures and maps relating to all areas (political, economic, social and cultural) of the Littoral region. For detailed information, readers are invited to consult the website of the NIS ( and the statistical yearbook of the Littoral region. The Institute of Statistics extends it appreciation to the RSIS for its frank collaboration and is open to comments and suggestions for improving subsequent editions.

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