Gender-based violence in Cameroon: magnitude and challenges

The objective of this policy brief is to assess the magnitude of the various forms of gender-based violence in Cameroon, in order to identify the appropriate response to the challenges that involve all stakeholders given the multisectoral nature of interventions. The results obtained from the data of the last three editions of the Demographic and Health Survey (2004 CDHS-III, 2011 DHS-MICS and 2018 CDHS-V) show that different forms of violence, whether sexual, physical, emotional or psychological, including forced marriage, denial of resources, of opportunities or services, persist in Cameroon despite lower levels of prevalence rate since 2004. It is mostly in the Centre region (excluding Yaounde) that the different forms of violence are widespread. It has also been observed that victims rarely resort to social services because most of them prefer resorting to family members for help.

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